Wednesday, January 21, 2004


FACSys logon problem


I'm working on integration of our ASP.NET application and Fax Server.
I use Interop.FXMSG32.dll for that.

The problem is that I cannot login to server from my application.
I get error message during attempt to login:
"System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: Exception from HRESULT: 0x80041006."
In this line:
oSession.Logon(FaxIP, FaxLogin, FaxPassword);
At the same time "FACSys desktop" can successfully connect from my computer to our FaxServer.


The logon error you are getting means that the fax manager service is not accessible. Possible causes are that the service is not started (not
likely) or the service does not accept the connection.
Unless you specified how to connect to the server, it will try to use Windows Networking, and this does not work if the FACSys server and the client (your application) are not in the same windows domain or in domains that trust each other. Please try to set the connection type to TCP/IP with something like: oSession.NetworkProtocol = 2 oSession.NetworkPortNumber = 2514 before the line oSession.Logon(FaxIP, FaxLogin, FaxPassword)

Also, on the FACSys server, it might help to set the Optus Fax Device Manager to run as an account that has administrative privileges at least on the local machine.

It might be a good idea to install the FACSys Desktop client on the machine where you run your application. The Desktop client uses the same library to communicate to the FACSys server and pretty much everything the client does can be done from an AFMSDK application, except local rendering (AFMSDK always renders attachments on the server).

Liviu Toma

Contact Phone: 1-866-436-3278 Ext. 31


I (Dennis Gorelik) added two lines of code, so result code is:
oSession.NetworkProtocol = 2;
oSession.NetworkPortNumber = 2514;
oSession.Logon(FaxIP, FaxLogin, FaxPassword);

This code works successfully: fax page was successfully created in the "Outbox" fax queue on FaxServer.

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